MVEL 2.0 Changes

MVEL 2.0 is a re-working of MVEL from the inside out, along with the addition of many powerful new language features to build on MVEL 1.2.

This is an organic document and will serve as the main source of information for 2.0 throughout early development


You can view the roadmap here.

New Language Features


MVEL 2.0 adds regular while loops to the language:

Multi-Dimensional Array Creation

Function Definition

Oh, and just for fun, here is Quicksort implemented in MVEL2.0 or the Random Guess Example.

New Templating System

See the new MVEL 2.0 Templating Guide.


The current 2.0 build available from MVEL Downloads is not considered production quality, but provides a preview of much of the new functionality. Note that, the above feature set represents only a small part of what is planned.

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